How to remove community organizations from the Catholic Church

Oklahoma City Method

11 Steps to Remove Socialist Community Organizations from your Parish and Diocese

  1. Check to see if you have a socialist community organization (SCO) (click here) in your area.  Do further research to find out which parishes they have as members.
  2. Read Change Agents:  Alinskyian Organizing Among Religious Bodies, Volumes 1-4 by Stephanie Block.  Change Agents will give you the best history available about community organizing.  Seek out information (video presentation click here) about socialist community organizing by reading Rules for Radicals (for excerpt click here) by Saul Alinsky (the founder of the Industrial Areas Foundation and community organizing) and by researching more information from good and faithful Catholic groups like:  Catholic Media Coalition and Fidelity ‘til Parousia
  3. Attend one of the SCO’s meetings.
  4. Go speak to the SCO’s lead organizer privately about the organization’s errors.  Ask the organizer to have its group leave the parishes (Matthew 18:15 click here.)
  5. If the organizer does not listen, bring other laity with you as witnesses to meet with the organizer (Matthew 18:16.)
  6. If the organizer still refuses to listen then tell your archbishop/bishop and priests about the socialist community organization in your archdiocese/diocese (Matthew 18:17.)
  7. Speak to your parish priest privately even if the organization is not in your parish.  Inform your priest of its errors and incompatibility with Catholicism.  The SCO is surely trying to gain your parish as a member.
  8. Inform other laity in your entire archdiocese/diocese and ask them to speak to their parish priest.
  9.  If necessary, inform your local media.  Especially, a local radio show host.
  10. Contact us for help at
  11. Defend the Church because you love Her.  These organizers are our Catholic brothers and sisters.  Treat them with kindness.  However, their errors must be met with a constant, courageous defense.  This is not about them.  This is about saving the Church.

Special Note:

This method works.  Nine of twelve Catholic parishes removed their membership from the SCO known as the Oklahoma Sponsoring Committee (OSC) in Oklahoma City (Oklahoma Sponsoring Committee (OSC) has been renamed Voice OKC.)  The OSC or Voice OKC has added one Catholic parish since that time.

One response to “How to remove community organizations from the Catholic Church

  1. What if it’s your priest bringing in the organization?

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