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  1. Thank-you for your service which is needed and very appreciated. We find that F.A.S.T. (Faith&Action For Strength Together) is not on your list. The group has been recruiting/politically active for a number of years in the St Petersburg and Tampa area (St Petersburg Diocese, Bishop Robert Lynch who supports FAST) In recent months we have organized resistance.

    Michael F Brennan
    St Mary Our Lady of Grace Parish
    St Petersburg, Florida

  2. It is sad news churches burnt in Egypt , let God act with help of our prayers to rebuild the churches , faith is tested by God ,let go in positive way,forgive those who did behind in the brutal act.

  3. Is there any specific catholic aid services currently in the Phillipino city , Techloban, helping with the aftermath of the Typhoon? (sustained winds of 165 mph – Geeze!) If so…do you know if they are working with other organizations such as “Habitat for Humanity” and , of course, “The Red Cross” to rebuild (hopefully , with God’s help and mercy, BETTER than they were)…the town itself, and, other hamlets(?) that were severly damaged?

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  5. My name is Bob Jones I am an old friend of Rafael De Cardenas and I would like to know how to get a hold of him. If you could pass this on I would greatly appreciate it thank you for your help Bob Jones

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