What NFL Players Went To Dematha?

Josh Wilson (2003) is a former defensive back for the NFL’s Detroit Lions. Edwin Williams (2004) is a former offensive lineman for the NFL’s Chicago Bears. Rodney McLeod (2008) is a safety for the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles. Arie Kouandjio (2010) is a former offensive lineman for the NFL’s Washington Redskins.

Also, Do You Know How many kids go to dematha?

Dematha Catholic High School is a private school located in Hyattsville, MD. The student population of Dematha Catholic High School is 814. The school’s minority student enrollment is 69.4% and the student-teacher ratio is 8:1.

Generally How many NBA players are from DeMatha? DeMatha has one of the strongest basketball programs in the country and plays regularly on national TV. The Stags’ 20 NBA players all-time are the most of any non-boarding high school.

Here You Can Watch The Video DeMatha Catholic High School – Varsity Football vs Episcopal


Similarly, DeMatha Catholic (MD) 28 Holy Spirit 7 | Week 0 Football

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Who went to DeMatha?

DeMatha Catholic High School (Hyattsville, MD) 14 Danny Ferry and Sidney Lowe have both gone on to front office positions in the NBA after their playing days were done.

What high school produced the most NFL players?

High Schools That Produce the Most NFL Players

  • (Tied) Phillis Wheatley (Houston, Texas) — 18 players.
  • (Tied) Dillard (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) — 18 Players.
  • (Tied) Ruston (Ruston, Louisiana) — 19 Players.
  • (Tied) Miami Carol City (Miami Gardens, Florida) — 19 Players.

What high school produced most NBA players?

The 9 High Schools With the Most NBA Players are Loaded With Superstars

  • T9. Provisio East.
  • T9. Overbrook High School.
  • Laurinburg Institute.
  • Hargrave Military Academy.
  • T5. Brewster Academy.
  • T5. Findley Prep.
  • DeWitt Clinton.
  • DeMatha Catholic.

What school produces the most NBA players?

The colleges that produce the most NBA players

  1. Colleges with the most NBA players.
  2. #1: Kentucky.
  3. #2: UCLA.
  4. #3: North Carolina.
  5. #4: Duke.

What is DeMatha mascot?

The Stag is the official mascot of DeMatha Catholic High School. St. John DeMatha, who founded the Trinitarians in the late twelfth century, is said to have had a vision of a white stag with a red and blue cross between its antlers.

How old is Damascus High School?

History. Damascus High School was built in 1950 and renovated in 1978.

DeMatha Catholic High School – Varsity Football vs Episcopal …


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