14 of 58 churches burned by Muslim Brotherhood are Catholic, says Egyptian Catholic Bishops’ spokesman

Agenzia Fides logoToday, Agenzia Fides, an information service of the Pontifical Mission Societies is reporting an interview of the spokesman for the Egyptian Catholic Bishops.  The interview is with Fr. Rafic Greiche.

The full article from Agenzia Fides is below:

Fr. Rafik Greiche58 churches and Christian institutions were attacked and set on fire in Egypt in past days. This was reported to Fides Agency by Fr. Rafic Greiche (pictured left,) spokesman of the Catholic Bishops of Egypt. “Out of 58 churches attacked 14 are Catholic, the rest belong to the Coptic Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, Anglican and Protestant communities” says Fr. Greiche. “The attacks against the churches took place all over the Country, but are concentrated especially in the areas of Al Minya and Assiut, because it is there that we find the headquarters of the jihadists (radical muslims,) responsible for this violence,” adds Fr. Greiche.
“It should be emphasized – the priest says – that Muslims who live in the vicinity of the affected churches have helped men and women religious to put out the fires of the religious buildings.”
“This is not a civil war between Christians and Muslims”, emphasizes Fr. Greiche. “It is not a civil war but a war against terrorism. And the majority of the population is against terrorism and religious extremism”, concludes Fr. Greiche.

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