Egypt’s Catholic Bishops’ support removal of Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsi

Fr. Rafik GreicheEgypt’s Catholic Bishops’ support the removal of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi as stated through Father Rafik Greiche (pictured at left,) head of the press office of the Egyptian Catholic Bishops’ Conference.  Excerpts are taken from the article that was published in Aid to the Church in Need (ACN.)  ACN is an international charity dependent on the Holy See, providing pastoral relief to needy and oppressed churches.  Full story is here.  Read excerpts below:

Father Rafik Greiche, head of the press office of the Egyptian Catholic Bishops’ Conference, emphasised that the military’s ousting of Islamist President Mohamed Morsi was not a coup d’état. “The army carried out the will of the people…  A number of western media are now presenting it as a coup d’état. But a putsch happens when officers take power and act without the endorsement of the people. But this is exactly what did not happen in Egypt yesterday. Moreover, the army wanted to prevent the bloodshed the Muslim brothers were threatening. This is why they took action.”

“The ousting of Morsi and the political new beginning is a joyous day for us Christians in Egypt and for all Egyptians. We hope that we will not be excluded from the political process that lies before us.” It is too early to speculate about the future of the Islamist Muslim brotherhood. However, their failure was apparent to all Egyptians, he stressed. “The Muslim brothers were not ready to govern. Moreover, their focus was on setting up an Islamic caliphate and not first and foremost on Egypt. The people were no longer willing to accept this.” However, Father Greiche worries that the Muslim brothers who were ousted from power may take revenge and cause unrest. The first instances of Islamist violence against Christian institutions have already taken place in this context, according to Father Greiche. “Attacks were carried out against a Catholic church near Minya yesterday and the day before that. The building was slightly damaged and particularly Christian businesses in the surrounding area were affected.”

Father Greiche further emphasised that it is now the job of Azhar University in Cairo, the most important Islamic institution in the country, to return the young people who were misled by the ideology of the Muslim brothers to the right path.

Support the courageous Catholic bishops and the other christian leaders like Pope Tawadros of the Coptic (Egyptian) Orthodox Church who support the removal of the jihadist muslim group, the Muslim Brotherhood and their leader Mohamed Morsi.  These christian leaders are risking their lives.  I don’t think enough of us in America understand their sufferings of murder, rape and church burnings at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood.

What does Barack Obama think of the removal of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi?  Well, it was reported in the June 18 edition of Sadi al-Balad that Ramses Naggar, the legal counsel for the Coptic (Egyptian Orthodox) Church, said that during U.S. Ambassador Anne Patterson’s June 17 meeting with Pope Tawadros, she “asked him to urge the Copts not to participate” in the demonstrations against Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Why would an Obama administration official working at his direction urge the Coptic Orthodox Church’s Pope to not allow his flock to demonstrate against the people responsible for murdering his people and attacking his churches?  Maybe, because Barack Obama has Muslim Brotherhood advisors in the White House.  Possibly, as many as 7 to 15 according to some sources.

O Holy Spirit, strengthen us to defend all that is holy.

Peter L. Hodges Sr.

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