ALERT: Immigration bill gives power to ACORN-style community organizations

Lay Catholic LogoThe Immigration reform bill, S. 744 must not be allowed to pass the U.S. Senate.  If it does pass, then the House of Representatives version must be stopped and a new immigration reform bill must be drafted that is truly just.  The current bill contains grave failings that will corrupt American society because it gives power to ACORN-style community organizations in perpetuity.

The first example of these grave failings is in section 2106 (b) (page 131) of S. 744 (click here and then on “Weekly Top Five” to find bill S. 744). It allows for ACORN-style community organizations to “assist eligible applicants.”  See an excerpt of the text below:

“Eligible Public or Private Non-profit Organization- The term `eligible public or private nonprofit’ means a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, including a community, faith-based or other immigrant-serving organization…”

A second example is found in section 2531 and 2535 (a)(3) (page 383) of S. 744 (click here and then on “Weekly Top Five” to find bill S. 744):  Section 2531 creates a non-profit named the “United States Citizenship Foundation” and calls for a council of directors.  Section 2535 (a)(3) calls for 10 directors of the “United States Citizenship Foundation” to come from national community-based organizations.  See the excerpt below:

10 directors, appointed by the ex-officio directors designated in paragraphs (1) and (2), from national community-based organizations…”

Community organizations that would be eligible to participate in this would-be law are ACORN-style or more notably, Alinsky-style community organizations.  There are at least 7 of these national organizations in the U.S. and each one has a vast network of affiliates.  Make no mistake, they have no real competition for this bill’s requirements.  Their politics are socialistic, they identify with the Democratic Party and they always deceptively cloak their ideas in Catholic terminology like;  social justice, common good, etc.  These organizations come from the Alinsky model that intentionally manipulated the Catholic Church and admitted doing so.

Which community organization would be the most likely to benefit from this bill?  Quite possibly, PICO National Network.  PICO has a program called “Campaign for Citizenship.”  Incidentally, or not so, they are responsible for the protest at Kansas secretary of state, Kris Kobach’s home this past Saturday, June 15th.

O Holy Spirit, strengthen us to defend all that is holy.

Peter L. Hodges Sr.

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