IRS, “Thought Crimes” and Catholic Catechism Section 2499

Lay Catholics logoWhat would the Catholic Church’s judgement be on an agency or government that exercised political control of opinion and repressed things they considered thought crimes?  Based on a reading of CCC 2499 the Church would consider such an agency or government part of, or a totalitarian state.  See Catechism of the Catholic Church in section 2499 below:

CCC 2499 “Moral judgment must condemn the plague of totalitarian states which systematically falsify the truth, exercise political control of opinion through the media, manipulate defendants and witnesses at public trials, and imagine that they secure their tyranny by strangling and repressing everything they consider “thought crimes.”

It has been reported that employees inside the IRS have allegedly intimidated individuals like Catholic professor, Dr. Anne Hendershott (read here) because of what she thinks and repressed the applications of several groups that are considered to be conservative who applied for 501c status with the IRS.

See the video below for the example of a conservative group facing such repression through an IRS official’s letter at minute 3:40 read by Congressman James Lankford of Oklahoma district 5.  Lankford also demonstrates that many officials at the IRS would have been involved in the creation of the letter:

Additionally, CCC section 2499 does go deeper into how totalitarian states use the media and manipulate persons.  Unfortunately, these other warnings also appear to have potential today in the U.S.

5 responses to “IRS, “Thought Crimes” and Catholic Catechism Section 2499

  1. R T Cantrall

    Thank You for what you are doing – these are confusing times we live in today.

  2. Mark Frederick

    Excellent Peter
    Keep up the good work. Someday I will summarize some of our recent efforts.

  3. Peter thanks for the goodwork

  4. your readers should be reminded to read the entire section of Section V
    Articles 2493-2499. In order to put 2499 into true perspective.

    Thankyou. If more folks “catholic included’
    became familiar with the Catechism of the Catholic Church perhaps there would not be so much confusion in this present culture.

  5. Reblogged this on Alphatron Shinyskullus and commented: has an excellent article. The CCC notes in section 2425 that socialism is a totalitarian ideology. We have a president with a socialist ideology. We are now seeing that totalitarianism playing out in the manipulation of the media, the persecution of the opposition by means of the IRS, and government officials providing false testimony to Congress.
    Let’s be very clear. We now live in a totalitarian state. We elected it ourselves. Half the country doesn’t care. In fact, they approve of it. They participate in it. The real shame is that Catholics made the difference in voting for our current totalitarian administration, which is now seeking to oppress Catholics.