Cuban Immigrant Warns Obama is Next Castro in Powerful (New VIDEO)

The following video is of my friend Rafael De Cardenas.  Rafael (Ralph) H. De Cardenas II comes from a long line of prominent families in Cuba. His paternal great-grandfather was a Major General of the War of Independence against Spain and Justice of the Supreme Court.  Dr. Humberto De Cardenas, his paternal grandfather served as Attorney General of Havana.  Ralph came to the United States through “Operation Peter Pan” where thousands of Cuban parents saved their children from communism.

I posted his three-part story back in March of this year.  Click on the titles below to read his story:

  1. “Cuba, Before and After…” by Rafael De Cardenas, has scary parallels to Obama’s America
  2. “Cuba, Before and After…” Part two of three by Rafael De Cardenas 
  3. “Cuba, Before and After…” Part three of three, calls Americans to action

(Excerpt from the Video) Rafael’s childhood friend who is a priest in Cuba came to the United States on medical leave recently and told him the following:

“… I’ve been in Miami less than a week and I’m quite concerned about the policies of this Obama.  He reminds me so much of Fidel Castro in Cuba when we were younger.”

Please watch Mr. De Cardenas’s powerful testimony below and share with everyone.

O Holy Spirit, strengthen us to defend all that is holy.

Peter L. Hodges Sr.

2 responses to “Cuban Immigrant Warns Obama is Next Castro in Powerful (New VIDEO)

  1. Jeannette LaMar

    Ralph is a friend of mine, He is eager to tell his story. He has lived through the hell of Cuba. He came to the U S, attend high school at Northwest Classen. HE is a devout Catholic and he is living his faith. He fears the future of this country under the current leadership, hell bent on collectivism and dependence on a single source the federal government. For those of us who work, and have done so all of our lives, collectivism/ socialism will not do. Be afraid – look at Obama’s record and help us return the course of the U S to self sufficency and self respect. God Bless the U S A

  2. Ricardo Dieguez

    I was right about Obama form day one. It reminds me so much of what Castro implemented in Cuba and that it is happening by his followers in Ecuador, Venezuela, etc. The problem is our main stream media that is not telling the public the truth. CBS, NBC, CNN, ABC and others like them, should be held accountable for the damage they have created in this country by not reporting the truth. This president, wants to see this country on its knees and 100% destroyed. We should applaud and admire those who do well and, learn from them, not criticize or make them to be evil. We all look and try to better ourselves. I see this battle of class which creates envy, which to me, it is the worse of them all.