New Catholic Video; Catholic OB/GYN Says ObamaCare Will Impact Her Providing Care

Catholics for Ohio has just published a new video.  It features an OB/GYN doctor who is Catholic.  She talks about her faith and her practice in a compelling way.

Here is some of her inspiring and strong dialogue from the video:

She talks about ObamaCare, its HHS mandate and abortion:

This HHS mandate, part of ObamaCare, is directly going to impact my ability to provide care for certain patients.  And there is really no point in the government trying to tell me how I shall practice.  Particularly, when it comes to religious convictions.  Each one of us draws a line and stays within our comfort zone and for me abortion is not going to be tolerated and I’m not going to provide those services.”

She continues about the so-called “War on Women”:

“When you come to talk about “War on Women” it implies that if you are a woman you must be pro-abortion.  My support of pro-life causes does not make me less of a woman.  And frankly I resent organizations and mandates telling me because I’m a woman I should be supportive of pro-choice and pro-abortion causes.  It’s not gonna happen.”

Watch the video below and share it with all Catholics and all people you know:

2 responses to “New Catholic Video; Catholic OB/GYN Says ObamaCare Will Impact Her Providing Care

  1. So glad to know health care professionals have same beliefs as me and are able to see what Obama is trying to do. I am a pharmacist and have done enought research to know that oral contraceptives are extremely harmful to women and girls. Not only is abortion wrong but it is also harmful to women and girls. It is so hypocritical when the liberals state there is a war on women while they try to spread contraception and abortion throughout the nation. NFP work great and it is side effect free and doesn’t cost a dime.

  2. Does this physician prescribe contraception? She does not even talk about that issue. It is a fact: contraception leads to abortion…the CDC reports 60% of women who receive an abortion are currently contracepting…I work in a pregnancy center, day after day I deal with women who talk about all the different forms of contraception and all of the horrible side effects. (and now the unwanted baby is the worst side effect of failed contraception) Catholic doctors need to stand for ALL of the teachings of the church. To just be against abortion is not completely pro life. Catholic doctors need to stop prescribing contraception. There is no medical reason a women should ever be on the pill. Medicine has advanced, and through Napro Technology and The Creighton Method physicians can get to the bottom of female hormonal issues. Toxic hormones do not heal women, they mask the issues. We will never get rid of abortion until the truth of contraception is revealed.