Lay Catholics

(Updated September 26, 2012) Socialist community organizations are manipulating Catholics.  They want your vote.  This is a major problem we Catholics face today.  Here are some points to know:

  • Socialist community organizations have entered Catholic churches across America for many years now.  One such organization is the Industrial Areas Foundation (founded by Saul Alinsky) that has sub-chapters in several dioceses.  The sub-chapters take different names than the main organization.  Other socialist community organizations cover the rest of the U.S.  Click here for the list of socialist community organizations in the United States.  There are more organizations that fall into this category not listed in the link.
  • These groups have manipulated Catholic Social Teaching’s (CST) terminology to be euphemisms (Isaiah 5:20) for collectivism, centralized planning and Socialism.  Thus, manipulating Catholic clergy, religious sisters and laity into their organization to work to implement socialistic programs and ideas into their communities and parishes.  Some of the manipulators are…

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