The Pope Urgently Calls Catholics to Counter President Obama’s “Radical Secularism” on Freedom of Religion

What did Pope Benedict say?

“… it is imperative that the entire Catholic community in the United States come to realize the grave threats to the Church’s public moral witness presented by a radical secularism which finds increasing expression in the political and cultural spheres. The seriousness of these threats needs to be clearly appreciated at every level of ecclesial life. Of particular concern are certain attempts being made to limit that most cherished of American freedoms, the freedom of religion. Many of you have pointed out that concerted efforts have been made to deny the right of conscientious objection on the part of Catholic individuals and institutions with regard to cooperation in intrinsically evil practices. Others have spoken to me of a worrying tendency to reduce religious freedom to mere freedom of worship without guarantees of respect for freedom of conscience.”

“Here once more we see the need for an engaged, articulate and well-formed CATHOLIC LAITY endowed with a strong critical sense vis-à-vis the dominant culture and with the courage to counter a reductive secularism which would delegitimize the Church’s participation in public debate about the issues which are determining the FUTURE OF AMERICAN SOCIETY.”


When did he say this?

On January 19, 2012, the day before President Obama’s religious freedom crushing HHS mandate was announced.

Why didn’t you know about It?

Most Catholics don’t read the Pope’s letters and the letters are not reported on widely in the media.

Who is limiting religious freedom and denying Catholic individuals and institutions the right of conscientious objection with regard to cooperation in intrinsically evil practices?

President Barack Obama

Do you trust Pope Benedict XVI when he says there are threats to religious freedom or do you trust President Obama when he says there are none?

Your answer here.

What are you going to do about it?

Your answer here.

O Holy Spirit, strengthen us to defend all that is holy.

Peter L. Hodges Sr.


53 responses to “The Pope Urgently Calls Catholics to Counter President Obama’s “Radical Secularism” on Freedom of Religion

  1. amen!…We are all Catholic!

  2. I had some buttons made that say how I feel. They read “I am a Catholic and I will not comply”. I also had a few made up that say Christian. I give them away to anyone who wants them. Silent and not so silent witness go hand in hand.

  3. Catholics who think
    contraception is sin SHOULD JUST SIMPLY NOT DO IT.
    All president Obama
    is doing is making contraception a part of what we call health
    insurance, and the vast majority of Americans want it that way.
    What if an abortion clinic were on a dirt road but now the
    gov. intends to pave it; and some don’t want to have their tax
    payer money go to “making abortions easier”. Does this mean they are
    exempt from paying tax to pave the road? Of course not.
    Some Jehovah’s witnesses believe the Bible forbids
    blood transfusions; Yet they
    are still required to let their kids have them (and this was not
    Obama). The truth is that we all want the morals of our own religion to be respected by the law of the land, and for the most
    part it is. At the same time, we have to realize that we do not live
    in a Catholic state and that no religion has the right to insist that
    gov. law respects all their beliefs to the infinite degree.
    Otherwise the children of
    Jehovah’s witnesses would die needlessly. Or, let me put it another
    way. Suppose a religion states that all pregnant woman who have
    an unborn baby as the result of rape should get an abortion.
    Is the author willing to let that religion practice in infinite freedom?

    • @ James : I don’t understand why the paving of a public road, something which by nature is a useful object to all men of various aims, occupations, and walks of life, is being compared to Catholics paying directly for what they believe is a grave wrong, namely, the abortion of an unborn and defenseless life. Oh – and if a hypothetical wacko religion were to demand that all their raped members must have abortions – that would be awful, but I suppose it would be within the law. But I should not have to support the existence of such a practice by paying for it, right?

    • James, if you think this is about contraception, you are wildly misinformed. Why don’t you read the bill instead of the huffington post. May God forgive you for your ignorance.

    • Josephine Migliano

      I agree with you…

      • Josephine Migliano


      • Thanks Josephine, I wish I could say more but this site, from what
        I can tell, is preventing me from posting a defense to what some
        of these people say. I hope this small post goes through. I guess
        you must agree with the pope to post here. I

  4. You do whatever in the privacy of your bedroom, but you want others to pay for what happens there?

  5. Sorry James, but that is not “all president Obama is doing.”. The mandate forces employers who morally object to providing services such as contraceptives, sterilization procedures, and abortion inducing drugs to provide their employees these things via insurance. That means the employer has to pay for and provide services and products he/she believes to be grievously sinful. This is the government forcing its citizens to do something that goes against their conscience. This is not about preventing people from obtaining these products and services. This about forcing people to provide them to others. That is a direct infringement upon the First Ammendment whose first article is Freedom of Religion. Freedom of religion has always included the freedom to not only worship freely but also to live out one’s faith freely in the public square. Under the Constitution the government may not impose laws that would directly cause someone to go against their conscience. If they do, all other rights will fall away eventually.

    • Josephine Migliano

      You do not have a clue what you are talking about. It is Romney-Ryan that wants to do these things you are talking about. Not President Obama get your facts straight……Note…I agree with James.Again you do not know what you are talking about!!!

      • Josephine, we should not be forced to pay for something that we are morally opposed to. For heavens sake, if people can pay for a $500 Iphone or a $5 starbucks they can surely buy a pack of birth control pills or condoms if they so choose to do so..But to ask others to pay for their bad choices should not be enforced on anyone. Looks like you have some reading and learning to do from those who know the truth about the Obama plan. Christy has given you a good explanation, however you refuse to believe it. That too is your choice, but that does not make Christy’s explanation false. I will pray that one day you come to undesertand the truth.

  6. Getting pregnant is not an illness, but a natural result of intercourse. What a shame someone has to die so your life can be better because you didn’t want to get pregnant, he or she would have liked to experience life too.

  7. And the reason every priest and bishop in the US has not read this from the pulpits during the Mass is . . . ?

  8. And one more point for James…religions such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses and a few others indeed DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE MEDICAL TREATMENT, including blood transfusions for themselves and their children. Check your facts.

    • Josephine Migliano

      No you check your facts this is their religious! These so call religious are cults!!!! Again i agree with James he has is facts right you do not!!!

      • You are sounding like a broken record Josephine. Christ is the way, the truth and the light. And the Church he founded has the source of happiness for all. :0)

    • Actually, April, in the vast majority of cases, a court order is obtained from a judge to force the transfusion if the child’s life is in danger. Then the parents get to have it both ways–the child’s life is saved and they don’t have to feel guilty about it because they were “forced” by the government.

  9. John Liberatore

    The silence from our pulpits is deafening! Example; at my Parish we never (repeat, never) mention anything that would make us uncomfortable. Have never heard the mention of Abortion let alone a sermon on its evil. Thus, sermons are focused on the fact that Jesus loves you. It is about the what and not the how as I often observe. Our efforts for vocations (4,200 Family parish) is nil and the data bears it out with zero men going to the seminary over the past 15 years. We have 22% of our parishioners attending Mass without concerted efforts to reverse this. A request to place a statue of The Infant of Prague on our Altar was rejected. The reasoning? It would open us up to placing statues many other statues on the Altar by those who make a request. At a meeting at our Parish it was suggested by this writer that quite frankly we are not Catholic enough in our practices. Sadly this observation was met with a stern challenge from our Pastor (I responded with a 19 page explanation) who, on an annual basis, makes a pilgrimage to Disney World! And through all this I do not know the answer to one fundamental question; Why are our Priests and Bishops watering down our precious Faith? My only answer is laziness and they are giving us what they think we want…sort of like television, eh?

    • “…at my Parish we never (repeat, never) mention anything that would make us uncomfortable. … Why are our Priests and Bishops watering down our precious Faith? My only answer is laziness and they are giving us what they think we want…sort of like television, eh?”

      2 Timothy 4:3
      Seriously, if you feel that way about your church, maybe you should seek out another church. One that isn’t afraid to offend someone.

      I go to a Baptist church and I trust the pastor completely. He has earned that trust. I know he speaks only from the Bible. When something is only his opinion he says so. And he doesn’t leave anything out.

      Was Moses comfortable at the burning bush?
      Was Paul comfortable in prison?

      If we are comfortable we are probably not truly in God’s presence.

    • John your church sounds like part of an ELCA synod. I’m having trouble understanding why some people don’t have to repent or feel like they need to ask for forgiveness and others of us do. Some things you can just keep on doing wrong I guess. Sounds like cheap grace to me. The only thing I keep thinking… is that it is the leaders that will have to be accountable to God for misleading their people. It’s a sad day when even your church misleads you. 😦


    • Lucrezia Borgia

      There are very few threats to the Catholic religion that I can see. If you want to hear threats to our religion may I point you to The wars of religion following the letters of Martin Luther, The years following the reign of Henry VIII of England (minus Mary I). There are even numerous anti Catholic organizations. However I do not see any threat to our ability to personally worship. There are not just Catholics in this world. There are protestants, Muslims Sikhs, Hindus, Atheists, etc. Not everyone has the same morals as us.
      If we went back say a few hundred years, when the founding fathers made the constitution, they allowed for freedom of religion. This is because the colonies all had different religions withing them form the Quakers in Pennsylvania to the Puritans in Massachusetts, and the Catholics in Maryland. The vast majority of the founding fathers were Protestant, they could have not included the three Catholics, they could have ignored the one Calvinist, the seven Quakers etc. But no, they gave us the right to practice our religion freely no matter what it is.
      Not only does this include the freedom to worship, but the understanding of respect for other people and what they believe. We may not agree with contraception, but that doesn’t mean we have to force our religion on others. If the other 201 Protestants had forced their protestantism on to us, we would be living in France, Germany, Spain, Ireland etc.
      If we are going to hire non-Catholics in our institution it is there right to make their own decisions about contraceptive care. Just like it is their right to a decision of who to vote for, what car to drive, and what house they live in. Suppression of religion isn’t telling Catholic institutions to provide free contraceptive care to those who want it, Suppression of religion is 1789 under the National Assembly and then the Convention when not only were church lands divided and sold, all religious names were taken off the streets, popes had to make vows pledging their alliance to France, the banishing of religious dress, and arrest and deportation.

  11. Josephine Migliano


    • Obama’s plan will keep the poor poor. Romney/Ryan want to help the poor get out of poverty by getting back into the job market and giving them the freedom to work and make a living for themselves. Nothing could be more noble than that. If you give a man a fish he eats for a day, if you teach him how to fish he eats for his life. Obama wants to give you the fish, Romney wants to teach you to fish so that you can build a future for yourself. It does not matter if Romney is a Mormom, he is a man of principle, hard work and care and concern for this country, and his fellow Americans. If you only listen to the regular TV or media you would not know this, but if you listen to Romney’s rallies on CSPAN you will understand. Obama will destroy this country as we know it. God forbid he wins in November.

      • Josephine Migliano

        Sorry but you are so wrong! A Mormon is a cult and they do not go by God’s word or the bible.Principle where have you been all Romney-Ryan is doing is lying thats against God’s word The only one who will destroy this country as we know it is Romnry-Ryan get your head out of the sand and wake up.! Read Kerry Wolf reply about President Obama Kerry is a very smart woman and knows all the facts. Sorry but you do not have a clue what is going on .Obama is a christian! read the book of mormons that is what they call their so call bible.It is not like our bible and they do not pray to our God.

  12. James,
    Just because the majority wants something for “free” doesn’t make it right. I’m assuming you are unaware of the reasons behind the Church’s teaching on contraception. Perhaps you’ve heard, but don’t know what it means, when practicing Catholics note that contraception is an abortafacient. (It means that these drugs have a back-up mechanism that makes the lining of the uterus incapable of having a fertilized egg, i.e. conceived child, attach to it, thus flushing the life out of the mother’s womb.) I’m sorry that you are offended by our desire to not be complicit in the death of children for convenience sake. Somehow, I don’t think we’ll be able to stand before God and say, “Well, it’s not like we used it ourselves. Am I my employees keeper?” Yeah, I’m not thinking that’ll go over all that well.

  13. Josephine Migliano

    Its seems every comment I put on here you take off. I quess you do not what to hear the truth.God says the truth will set you free.But not on this site.Pray to God in Jesus name because it look like you peole do not read the bible.I love God and i am a born again christian

    • Josephine Migliano


      • If you are born agian Christian you must also believe in LIFE, and MARRIAGE and religious freedom, all principals that Obama is against. He is against life(supports abortion), against traditional marriage (supports gay marriage) and against religious freedom (forcing us to do something against our conscience). You either support Obama or support the message of Christ. But you cannot support both.

  14. I am a proud Obama supporter and still follow my Catholic faith. I was taught that God gave us free will. I could have had an abortion because of medical problems but chose not to. That was my decision with my body. I took contraceptives and do not feel guilty about it. My decision with my body. No person or government should have the right to deny me or others, the right to choose. It is a personal decision. Furthermore, what good is having children when the Romney/Ryan plan would take away social programs that would help raise that child from poverty. There is good and bad in each candidate. Just because Paul Ryan is Catholic and throws that out there when he feels it will get them a vote doesn’t make him a good Catholic. My Catholic church taught me the corporal works of mercy and Romney/Ryan don’t follow them. When Bush was in office, he started a needless war that killed many innocent people . They were fathers, brothers, sisters, daughters, wives, husbands, mothers and sons . So there is a lot of blame to go around. Stop trying to meddle in government. When sworn into office, they place their hand on a Bible and promise to uphold the constitution not the other way around.

    • Ditto to Marie for my comment above: must also believe in LIFE, and MARRIAGE and religious freedom, all principals that Obama is against. He is against life(supports abortion), against traditional marriage (supports gay marriage) and against religious freedom (forcing us to do something against our conscience). You either support Obama or support the message of Christ. But you cannot support both. Also is the fact, as my other above comment states, that Ryan/Romney want to HELP the poor and the elederly by making sure that the entitlement programs remain solvent (right now with Obama’a plan they wont, it will go bankrupt in three years w.obama/s plan) and also want to HELP the poor by making sure they can get a job and GET OUT of poverty so they can support themselves with a good education and a good job,. I am sure you are familiar with this saying: If you give a man a fish he eats for a day, if you teach him how to fish he eats for his life. Obama wants to give you the fish, Romney wants to teach you to fish so that you can build a future for yourself. That does more for hte poor that just keeping them in poverty.

      • Josephine Migliano

        Romney-Ryan they do not care about the poor or middle class Know the facts before you put them here.ITS ROMNEY PLAN THAT WILL GO BANKRUPT!1 DO NOT WHAT THE BUSH YEARS BACK AND THATS WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF ROMNEY WINS. But it looks like now Obama is going to win.

  15. I am glad to find this. I thought he may be silent on this issue as I had not heard anything. The Pope knows about Obama’s secularism and his Killing of Innocent Children and also of his Communist/Socialist (PROGRESSIVE) doctrines! Question is…..will AMERICA wake up in time???

    • Excuse me, but trying to hurl every word in the dictionary at the president just shows a lack of understanding of what those words mean. Socialism and Communism are in no way the same thing, nor is secularism, and Obama does not fall into ANY of those categories, except in the minds of evangelical fundamentalists who don’t seem to know what the words even mean. And heaven forfend anyone be “progressive”–we must REGRESS at all times! “Backwards”! should be the cry of the Republican party.

      Nor have I heard of Obama killing innocent children in the back room at the White House. He simply upheld the law of the land (Roe V Wade) and allowed women to choose. We may not agree with this choice but it is the law and has been since the early 70’s when Obama was still a kid. He doesn’t personally murder babies in back rooms and I’m certain he doesn’t sit around crowing with delight at the thought of how fantastic and fun abortions are. He simply believes differently than we do about what rights we may have over our own bodies. Long before abortion was legal, people still had them ALL HE TIME and even MORE people died–both babies AND mothers, due to having to go to back alley butchers. You have to offer something besides just making it illegal in order for abortion to truly significantly decrease–you have to HELP the poor, the needy, the young, the older mom with 10 kids already who can’t afford them but her husband won’t let her stop having them, etc. You can’t just LOVE those unborn cutie pie babies and then turn your back on them the literal second they are born.

      • I love you Kerry

      • Just FYI – this country knows nothing about socialism. There are people who fled their communist/socialist countries that now live in the USA that guarantee that all they hear from Obama is socialist and communist rethoric because that is the same message they heard in their countries. It would be wise if we took their warning seriously. When the government wants to tax small business 40% that is socialism. That is Obama’s promise starting Jan 2013, so if you own a small business get ready to hand over 40% to the feds and add your state tax to that as well. Big government=socialism!!

      • Obama supports killing abortion victims who manage to be born alive!!!
        check the record folks

      • Josephine Migliano

        You are a very smart woman and you know your facts.

    • Wow, or we talking about Obama???? You might be interested to
      know that all Obama did was to follow the convention already laid
      out by 28 states (some of them Republican) See

  16. This is quite simple: The current regime in the U.S. is attempting to drive the Catholic Church out of all corporal works of mercy. Why? The best way to gain and retain power is to control the people. The best way to control the people is to make them dependent on the group/person that desires the control. The best way to gain that dependency is to make the people dependent in respect to their basic and most fundamental needs: Food, shelter, clothing, and health care. Thus the current regime needs the populace to be dependent on them for those things. Who is the government’s biggest competitor in the provision of basic human needs? The Catholic Church. If the government forces the Church out of corporal works of mercy, it solidifies its power and control over the people.

    • So true!! The Catholic Church is the biggest provider of help and care for the needy and the poor, for mothers and babies. Get them out of business is #1 priority for Obama. Well commented Jason!

  17. I agree. Do not impose secular beliefs on religious groups. And don’t ask for sensitivity to certain religions while being insensitive to Catholics. This is where Pres. Obama lost me.

  18. It is not ‘persecution’ to allow each individual to make their own personal choice/s.

    On the other hand, it is not ‘religious freedom’ to DICTATE what ones’ employees may chose based upon religious dogma.

    Even if it were the case of attempting to bring true separation of church and state back to a ‘neutral-stance’, it wouldn’t (by definition) be ‘RADICAL’..

    There was already a time in history when the christian church had its’ way with government,……it’s called “The Dark Ages”-!
    (Now, THAT”S radical)

    If someone can’t bring themselves to actually do their job without demanding that everyone bow down to their dogma / sensibilities at every opportunity, then maybe moving to a theocratic state could be an option-?

    If I don’t like meat, then why would I get a job at (or own) a fast-food franchise, only to DEMAND that I not be required to cook meat-products, and to attempt to have the consumption of meat outlawed-?

    To try to dictate my views onto everyone else-?

    That’s the only reason that makes sense to me.

    The sooner that theists of all types get it into their heads that their dogma applies ONLY to them, and is not to be enforced on everyone else in the world, the better off we’ll be. IMO

    A big part of freedom means letting others have the freedom to think/act/do things differently than You would, and not to hinder their (repugnant according to Your dogma) choices.

    Bacon and/or shellfish anyone-?

  19. I’m always amazed at people who call themselves Catholic and then say, “But I don’t believe in this or this or this.” It’s not a cafeteria. The Catholic faith has clear teachings about what being Catholic means. When you pick and choose what’s comfortable for you to accept, you are a baptized Catholic not following the Catholic reilgion. In the last election, the Catholic Church did not voice it’s concerns and it now faces threats to its religious freedom. This time we are being offered a clear choice.

    • I heard an interview of Catholic nuns on msnbc; they alluded to previous popes who were in power when they first decided to be nuns. They claimed these popes made official proclamations
      that not only allowed dissent, but
      encouraged It. It seems the present pope and bishops
      have a different view. I think that may be why we see a divide. Most Catholics I meet in my liberal circles have no respect
      for the Pope, just as many who post here have no respect for Obama.
      It is perhaps worth noting that the people who don’t respect Obama are not less American than me, and the Catholics that aren’t blind soldiers
      for the Pope are not less Catholic than you. The Catholic church is
      not a cult.

  20. Vatican II, which occurred in the 1950’s brought great changes to the church. I was also an active Catholic at that time and I have studied and understand that its intent was to bring Catholics to a greater understanding of our faith. Part of that was for us to understand the Church’s teachings and accept and follow them through that understanding rather than as blind soldiers. Some Catholics decided that that meant they were to decide for themselves what was meant by Catholic teaching and act according to their own consciences. That would not have necessarily been a bad thing if those decisions were made by an “informed” conscience which acted in obedience to the Catholic faith as taught by leaders of the Church who are the Pope and the Bishops of the Church. Those leaders alone speak for the Catholic Church about what we believe, not the Catholics with “famous” names and not the “nuns on the bus” who are dissenters in their disobedience to Church teachings, some of whom are the focus of the current Papal Visitation looking into their actions. My 25-year-old daughter has just joined a convent after years of prayer and hopes to become a nun. I can assure you that she does not agree with the views held by these nuns about who should decide what being Catholic means. The Catholic Church is not a cult, but it has never waivered in its core beliefs.

  21. Stop fighting over the wrapper.

  22. Josephine Migliano

    I do not agree with the pope what he said about President Obama. The President is a christian. He should be talking about Romney the Mormon and the book of mormon ( there bible) I am a born again christian (Baptist)

  23. Josephine Migliano