Occupy DC’s repulsive photo of Jesus and a dog on its Facebook page

A few weeks ago I was a witness to the chaos of Occupy DC when I attended an event in our nation’s capitol.  When I arrived home I decided to check their facebook page.  What I found, I did not expect.

In the photo albums of the Occupy DC facebook page was a photo titled, “The Lord’s Supper” accompanied by an essay titled, “Silent Night:  The Cannibal Anthem.”  This photo is of our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross with a dog over him.  It is sexually explicit.  It is highly offensive and depraved as is the accompanying ranting essay by a self-described muslim who is grossly deluded.

This is what the Occupy movement thinks of us!

Click here to see the photo.  WARNING! IT IS OFFENSIVE!

Pray for these people to overcome their ignorances and abandon this movement.

Peter L. Hodges Sr.

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