Catholics CANNOT support Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street or OWS can’t fool Catholics. To occupy is to take. That is stealing and no they are not taking something back that belonged to them. Catholicism rejects involuntary redistribution of wealth, anarchy, socialism, marxism, communism, Leninism, Maoism, etc., while OWS accepts all of these.

OWS says they are against corporations. However, they receive support from an IRS 501(c)(3) corporation called the Alliance for Global Justice   that is marxist, socialist, anarchist and anti-corporate. The Alliance for Global Justice’s business arrangement with Occupy Wall Street is proof of a coordinated effort and not the organic grassroots movement that OWS claims to be.

The following excerpt is from an October 19th post on the Alliance for Global Justice’s website showing an admission of financial support for Occupy Wall Street. The title is linked to their page as well. Read the entire post:

  • Occupy Wall Street, Fiscal Sponsorships & the Alliance for Global Justice
  • “The Alliance for Global Justice (AfGJ) and its predecessor and founder, the Nicaragua Network, have been well-known grassroots organizations within the Central and Latin America solidarity movement and the “anti-corporate” globalization movement for over three decades. For probably 25 years we’ve used our 501(c)(3) non-profit tax status to fiscally sponsor projects that do not have their own tax-exempt status…..So what does the Alliance for Global Justice do for Occupy Wall Street (OWS)? Essentially we collect and process their donations and pass the money on to them as a project of the AfGJ. In IRS parlance we take “responsibility for all financial and programmatic matters” of OWS. We are responsible to include their financial reporting as part of our own when we file our annual tax return, which for non-profits is called a form 990. We are accountable legally and financially to prove that all expenditures by OWS are within the IRS’s tax-exempt rules. If the IRS audits us, we will have to show supporting evidence of the numbers we report. Occupy Wall Street’s obligation to us is to provide the accounting and receipts we’ll need for the IRS and to not jeopardize our tax-exempt status through any actions of theirs.”
    ■Note: a 501(c)(3) is a corporation that does not pay income tax and is considered a charity by the IRS.

Catholicism stands against marxism and socialism, etc. but, OWS is loaded with their adherents and the Alliance for Global Justice employs people who follow this Godless thought as well as other atheistic and totalitarian ideologies.

See the excerpt below of a bio of a staff member and click the link to go to the Alliance for Global Justice’s website staff page:

The Alliance for Global Justice and its board of directors has a history of using its IRS corporate designation to support anarchy. By the way. Do anarchists really have board meetings? “I make the motion that we make no more motions!”

Page 28 of their 2010 IRS Form 990, below shows their financial support for anarchy to the tune of $28,785:

OWS has Catholics and participants who say they work for the common good, human dignity and social justice. This is an affront to our Catholic Church. Some of these same people are part of an “Occupy the Catholic Church” movement that has been ongoing for decades. Its perpetrators have been written about here.

This planned movement’s means are chaos and the end will be a marxian-socialist state that will persecute all Catholics and Christians of all denominations if we let them occupy us. But, they will not win. Unlike us, they have nothing to defend.

Peter L. Hodges Sr.

One response to “Catholics CANNOT support Occupy Wall Street

  1. Chad McCullough

    Since when does Catholicism not recognize Socialism? Or do you mean that “you” do not support Catholicism? I’m a very happy Catholic and I’m a Democratic Socialist. Does that mean I’m no longer to enter our church and attend Sunday and daily Mass like I do now?